Marketing Strategy

It all starts with a spark.


Our approach to Marketing Strategy takes a focused look at who you are as a company, articulating your company’s mission and values and setting them at the forefront of your marketing plan. We believe it’s important to not only understand what your company does, but why you do the things you do. That passion is the spark that drives everything else, the engine that propels you forward and drives you to make progress.

With that spark underneath you, your marketing objectives and the guidelines for the way you talk about your company become clear. The development of a tactical marking plan becomes a much shorter and well-defined project, because you can already start to see which channels and methods will be most effective in reaching the people who will care about the same things you do. That common ground with your customer gives them an intrinsic motivation to grow a relationship with you.

The development of a Strategic Marketing Plan is also an opportunity to examine your company’s products and processes, and make sure that they are in line with those values. When your products and services align well with your values, your customers will immediately see that you live out your values in the real world . . . a basis for lasting trust.


Key elements of your brand:

Mission and Values (the spark)

Products or service (what you do)

Tagline and elevator pitch (high-level written summary)

Logo, colors, fonts, and graphic elements (visual branding)

The strategic role of Content Marketing

Your marketing strategy may include a mix of online and offline marketing, depending on your business and where you’re most likely to find your ideal customer. A consistent brand infused in both your online and offline presence will ensure that customers who you meet in the real world will also recognize you online, and vice-versa.

Content Marketing is a powerful way to reach new audiences online, and re-engage with those you’ve already met. Long gone are the days when peppering your website with keywords could boost your search engine rankings; today’s search engines are smart enough to recognize which pages have actual content, and reader engagement is a huge factor in how successful your site will be in reaching the top of web search results.

That reader engagement comes from a content marketing program with the regular publication of timely, high-quality, readable online content. People will happily read content that they find valuable . . . and share it with their friends through social media and e-mail. With an optimized and integrated website and e-mail marketing, you can reach and retarget those readers again later, further reinforcing your brand and purpose.

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