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Well-written content goes beneath the surface to truly connect with your audience.

Building trust with honest content

Just like you can recognize a friend by their voice, you can also recognize a company. A strong voice is a unique fingerprint that makes you instantly recognizable. A clear brand voice facilitates trust by speaking directly to your target market on a level that resonates with them. When we develop a brand voice, we ask several key questions to help determine the best way to reach your reader:

  • What kind of content are you writing – is it short and to-the-point, or does it allow for more nuance and depth?
  • Who are you writing for – a business leader, a consumer, a technical expert, an aspiring novice?
  • Who are you writing as – a trusted partner, a subject matter expert, a friendly confidante?

These decisions will influence everything from the structure of your sentences, to the verb tense you use, to the depth of your vocabulary. Short sentences and simple words make your copy more readable . . . but can make you look less sophisticated. Highly technical language can show your expertise . . . but lose the attention of readers who are less knowledgeable of the subject matter.

Developing a brand voice is about finding the balance that resonates best with your audience. This voice is informed by the key values and target market that are defined in your marketing strategy. Like learning a new language, it can be a little awkward at first while you learn the rules of speaking it. But over time, you become fluent enough that the words come naturally when you need them.

Content is Queen

There’s a popular saying among web marketers that ‘Content is King’ . . . we choose to take the approach that content is Queen. Like a King it’s powerful and persuasive, but it’s also strikingly poignant and appeals to your aesthetic senses in a way that gets under your skin. It takes more than mere words to achieve that kind of resonance.

That means when we talk about voice and content creation, we’re not only talking about writing. Though writing is a key component, we’re also talking about videos, images, and the overall impression left with the reader. We look at the way that words, sound, and images all come together to communicate your message.

Our skillset includes:

Articles and Blogs

Marketing Collateral

Images, Sound, and Video

E-mail and Social Media Campaigns

Technical Editing

OK, so now you’ve got all this great content… what do you do with it?  Let’s talk about webmastering and content management, and the critical role that your website has in the success of your content marketing program.

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