"Thoughtful, methodical, and insightful"

Katie is a pleasure to work with and really helped us out when we were in a tight spot. The project was to go through very dense technical service contracts and convert from dense legalese in pdf files to dynamic MS Word documents written in easy to understand common vernacular. These documents served as the basis for us to train our Customer Service team on new components within our service contracts, enabling lower level staff to handle more complex customer issues without having to escalate to Management.


Katie’s approach to the project was thoughtful, methodical and insightful. Her methods greatly assisted with the creation of living documents that our company will carry forward. Her interaction with project staff was professional, timely and to the point.


I would highly recommend Katie’s professional services to any firm that desires to have their technical content projects to be completed on time, within scope and under budget.

Dave Atwell, Pricing Manager
Basin Disposal

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